The Best Times of My Life (Automotive Disassembly Memories)

Here’s a memory from when I had purchased a project car to tinker with for some fun automotive disassembly. An old pre-high-school acquaintance told me the moment I brought it home (told him about it via chat) that it was most likely irreparable.

“Don’t bother. Buy a Mini Coop.”

It had blown up REAL GOOD. But honestly, I didn’t even care. I mostly wanted to have the experience of digging for gold (the heads) all over again.

I love me some automotive disassembly, lol.

This vehicle was a challenge because it was a dual-overhead-cam model, and I had never even touched anything like that before. All my other vehicles were overhead valve models, which made the work much easier, but still time-consuming. Furthermore, this Ford was set up where I was supposed to remove the timing cover, which required me to jack the vehicle up and get under. I didn’t want to do that, so I did it a roundabout way.

I got as far as removing the heads and all, but the other internal damages were too extensive. The seasoned mechanic had told me what to expect, but hell, I already had it in front of me by then. How could I not dig the head outs? Plus, I was going to school at the time, and I needed to have a car there for certain assignments.

I had fun with it, but a time came when I needed some help (bottom-end stuff). Not only could I not get help, but I also noticed that a few people spoke negativity over the project and tried to Debbie-Downer my joy. SMH.

Well, certain parts were way too damaged to repair, so that project didn’t end the same way previous projects ended. But man, I loved getting into the automotive disassembly.

Weeeeee! I found the treasures!

Stuff like this really makes me happy, and you know, I thought about letting go of practicing it, but I don’t think I can. Life is too short, and I’ll never be happy not doing it. It’s not yet too late for me to get back to it, so I need to do so before it is too late.