“Bringing Down the House” (2003): The #1 Most Inappropriate Comedy Movie Ever

The comedy movie “Bringing Down the House” would probably catch a lot of heat it if came out these days. I’d even dare to say that some actors would be “canceled” by modern standards.

It displays just about every type of stereotypical, racist, and sexist jargon that isn’t okay. But somehow, it still manages to pull off humor. Old-school greats Steve Martin, Queen Latifah, Betty White (RIP), and Eugene Levy are hilarious in this movie, and not many people can watch it without laughing.

It’s a good comedy movie, plain and simple.

man watching good comedy movie

I think what makes it so funny is that it parodies real-life stuff. People do think and feel certain ways about other groups of human beings they don’t know, and they make wrongful assumptions about them all the time. For example, Steve Martin’s character thought Queen Latifah’s character used a ghostwriter to craft the eloquent letters she wrote to him.

He assumed she wasn’t intelligent enough to write because of how she looked and dressed. Once he got to know her, he realized she was a bright and kindhearted woman who had gotten herself mixed up with the wrong guy. It happens.

Betty White’s character thought the “Latin people” were up to no good, and Mrs. Arness felt it was appropriate to sing negro spirituals plantation jingles at someone’s dinner table.

Those weren’t the only off-color subjects in the movie, though. I mean, the entire thing was like—wow. But it wasn’t offensive because it was so truthful. It didn’t mock the people being stereotyped, in my opinion. Instead, it called out the ridiculousness of judging other human beings falsely and poked fun at some people’s refusal to change their views.

Those interested in viewing the classic comedy movie can find it on Prime Video and other such outlets.

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