Impractical Jokers Part 2: New Workplace Jerk Theme *Spoiler Alert*

TruTV gives interested people a preview of the old and new “Impractical Jokers” shows so they can get an idea of what they’re like. The clips are only four minutes long, but they will let you know if you want to watch the show further.

I caught a glimpse of one challenge from the newest “Impractical Jokers” show by visiting TruTV. I didn’t care for it, but that’s my personal experience. I just don’t find anything funny about being mean to people when they’re trying to work.

So the challenge went something like this: The Joker had to treat an employee like garbage and then fire said employee. In other words, he had to pretend to be a workplace narcissist to a brand-new worker and annoy, frustrate, ridicule, one-up, micromanage, and then fire that person.

The second part of the challenge happened after the worker went to upper management and notified him that the Joker had fired him. The manager then reprimanded the Joker for terminating the worker, told him he had no authority to fire anybody, and then put the worker in charge of the project.

The Joker then had to grovel and apologize to the worker for the way he treated him.

impractical jokers groveling skit

That wasn’t the end of it, though. The manager came back and asked the employee if he should fire the Joker for treating him that way or give him another chance. That was the second part of the challenge. Any Jokers who got “fired” by the employees they treated like garbage lost.

Meh. I usually love the stuff the Impractical Jokers do in the employment realm, but it hit differently this time because it involved making someone feel bad at work.

That worker had no idea he was on a prank show, so the anger and humiliation he felt were real. As someone who has been through a similar traumatic event myself, I didn’t find it funny. And then to play with someone’s livelihood by fake firing them, too. SMH. The viewers could see how the treatment affected the worker, and it wasn’t cool.

I did laugh when Murr heard the news that he had no authority to fire anyone, though. And I was glad the employee made the decision he made. I feel like people who mess with other people’s livelihoods by abusing them should be stripped of their livelihoods immediately. It’s an effed-up thing to do to someone, and I don’t think such people would feel so big and superior if they had to experience trauma at work and lose their income.

However, I don’t believe in taking vengeance on people, so I never sought to get anyone fired in my situation. I just moved on and tried to rebuild the best way I could. Thus, I probably wouldn’t have made the same decision as the guy on the show, but I still cheered him on when he said the manager should let Murr go. Workers usually don’t get justice when they experience foul treatment, but it was nice to see it on TV.

It was a sensitive subject for me, but you might enjoy it. I enjoyed it a lot when the Impractical Jokers used to do silly and harmless stuff at job interviews and reference check calls. “OK Zoomer” (Episode 9 Season 9) was probably one of my favorite newer episodes. But I didn’t care for this new concept at all. It seems like the whole spirit of the show has changed, and well, I can’t blame it on Eric Andre this time.

The new “Impractical Jokers” shows are no longer my taste, but you might like them. You can check them out on TruTV, which is their main channel.

My next post will probably be related to fitness and health.