Should You Risk Getting Rejected?

One day, you might have to risk getting rejected to pursue someone or something you want. It might be a relationship, job, friendship, educational pursuit, or something else. Should you do it?

And risk getting rejected? Hell to the naw.

That’s what the former me would have said. I was a firm believer in the NOPE method of going after stuff. I would never put myself out there if I thought there was any chance the other party would reject me. NEXT! Sure-things were always much safer, but they typically weren’t the best situations.

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Rejection isn’t always a negative or bad thing, though. People can decline what you offer them for many reasons:

  • They’re taken.
  • They’re not dating at all.
  • They’re busy.
  • Their friends/family members pressure them to diss you.
  • They’re still hurting from a previous relationship.
  • You’re not their type.
  • You don’t wear designer clothes or faux hair.
  • You don’t have the same interests or do the same things.
  • Your breath stinks.
  • You’re ugly to them.
  • They like somebody else more.
  • You intimidate them.
  • They don’t think they’ll make you happy.
  • They don’t think you’ll make them happy.
  • You’re not beautiful/intelligent/strong enough.
  • You’re too beautiful/intelligent/strong.
  • You be writin’.
  • Your goals don’t align.
  • Your maturity levels are different.

You get the picture. There are more than 100 reasons another person might not entertain you, and some of them might be good for you. But you’ll never know if they’ll reject you or not if you never say how you feel.


A job might not want to pick you up for a ton of reasons, too:

  • You’re too expensive.
  • You’re outspoken.
  • You’re not phony.
  • You’re too phony.
  • You look like you fit a stereotype.
  • You seem like you’re rebellious.
  • You don’t match the culture.
  • You’re too independent.
  • Your values or beliefs don’t align with somebody else’s.
  • Someone else was more qualified.
  • Someone trolled you on a job reference.
  • You’re overqualified.
  • You’re underqualified.
  • You be writin’.
  • XYZ “intangible” reason.
  • The interviewer just wasn’t feeling you.

But you will never know whether that employer will reject you or not if you don’t complete the application and talk to them.

A rejection is not the end of the world. It just means you have to set your sights on something or someone else. In doing so, you could be dodging a bullet and moving closer to what The Almighty has in store for you. That rejection could be a form of protection or correction, but if it isn’t, so what? You’ll live.

Today I believe that if you really want something, you should go for it. At worst, you’ll get rejected hardcore, but you don’t need to reject yourself because of it.

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  1. Tough one, I’d claim nothing ventured nothing gained and support when things don’t go to plan can help. 🙂

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