Should I Go Back To My Old Job Or Find New Work? (Revised for Clarity)

Never go back to a job or relationship that didn’t work out the first time, especially if you spent more than a year there. The only exceptions are:

You are a seasonal worker who goes back every year.

You resigned amicably because of a medical issue or emergency.

Your old job recalls you from a *fair layoff.

*Fair layoff: a layoff executed during a true business crisis, based on seniority, and not used as an expulsion or flagellation tool.

don't return to old job

Do not return to an old job if you quit because of a poor work environment.

Do not return if they fired you.

Do not return after an unfair layoff.

Do not answer a “recall” from a relationship “layoff,” and do not accept a severance *shag as compensation for your troubles.

*Shag: British term for boom-boom. A nice way of saying *&^%.

 old job hell no

The original reason for your separation will still exist when you return to your old job, and the chances are high that you’ll leave again—or be fired once you’ve fulfilled your purpose.

Never go backward in anything you do.

It’s always better to explore the unknown than return to something you know is unhealthy. At least the shame won’t be on you.

You’ll have a 50% chance of having a pleasant experience at the new job and a 50% chance of experiencing atrocities. But backtracking to your old job will guarantee you 100% dissatisfaction.

Go where the contentment odds are highest.

Even if you get punked on the new job, you can still hold your head up high and respect yourself for trying.

Disclaimer: The “Bad Career Advice” column contains highly opinionated consultative text that may or may not be taken seriously by the recipients. The author is not responsible for any firings, spankings, or arrests that may take place after using such advice.

FYI: This post was referring old jobs that were UNPLEASANT, not former jobs you actually liked. Please pay attention when reading to avoid retaliating against a blogger for naught.

4 thoughts on “Should I Go Back To My Old Job Or Find New Work? (Revised for Clarity)

    1. Yeah, it’s like I said, the original “reason for separation” will still be there when you go back. I once boomeranged back to an employer three times. The first departure was over a promotion pass-over. The employer actually “wooed” ME back, not the other way around. I guess I was a good worker, but not good enough for that promotion, lol. We went through the same thing a few more times before I finally resigned properly and never looked back. That’s why I say don’t go back if the employer doesn’t value you. They won’t suddenly value you when you return. They’ll just use you until they don’t need you anymore. It’s better to try your luck with a different one. 50/50.

      1. Sorry, you had to go through such an incident. But that’s life. we learn from our mistakes. I am happy and encouraged to hear you picked yourself up.

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