More About Talented Artists’ “Evolution”

This shared video explains what I meant in my last post about artists “evolving” or “transforming” over time. They start out with raw talent and a hunger for success. Many of them come from nothing or live lives full of struggles and hardship. They want a way out of those hard times, and they believe they can get out by using their artistic talent. There’s nothing wrong with that.

They work super-hard to get noticed, and then one day, they do. Someone comes along and offers them a deal—a long contract with very fine print—to provide them with fame and fortune. But they have to give a whole lot in return.

Years later, those talented artists are so different we hardly recognize them anymore. Their music is not the same.

Their videos sure as crap aren’t the same, and their activities are blatantly against all things holy. There’s no shame about it these days, either. In fact, many people who choose the “other side” are quite proud of themselves for it and enjoy boasting about it.

Some open their eyes and try to get out of it at some point, but they have a tough time. It is possible but not on their own strength. They’d need to sincerely call on “God” for that.

A little side note: Dave Chappelle recently gave up some “confidential” information about those pesky “contracts” and encouraged people to boycott his show. Apparently, he signed away a lot of his rights when he was young and hungry.

I won’t speak on these matters too much, but the young Christian in this video covered a lot of it. I’m just using one artist as an example. This has happened to many, many creative souls over the years. I can rattle off the names of about 10 talented artists I used to listen to who “changed” and are unrecognizable now.

To be fair, I’ll say that I changed a lot too. But a lot of those artists were not advocating certain agendas or engaging in the off-color activities back then either. Or maybe they just weren’t as bold and forthcoming about it as they are now. Who knows?

We all have free will to choose, though, as long as we’re still alive. So, it isn’t too late to break an unfavorable contract. Keep that in mind.

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