Transitioning 2 Heavy Lifting From Barbell Squats: Success

So the purpose of going from swimming to barbell squats was to prepare our “newbie” fitness blogger for some heavy lifting she needed to do later. The project required her to consistently move things that would be quite heavy, so she prepared herself by easing into more challenging movements.

heavy lifting

Her day of reckoning came shortly after she did those barbell squats and extra leg presses, which didn’t give her quads much time to recover.

Surprisingly, she handled the heavy lifting well. The weight ranged from 50 to 100+ pounds, and the movements were repetitive and long-lasting. She did lots of reaching, pulling, pushing, twisting, lifting, walking, squatting, and so on.

It was quite clear that no injuries or restrictions existed on this person’s body. Only the quads were a little uncomfortable because they didn’t get adequate recovery time in between workouts, but oh well. They got over it after about the third day.

So it’s very possible for a tiny little “old gal” to handle heavy lifting without injuring herself or being like, “I’ve fallen—and I can’t get up!”

Is it the wisest choice for a small female? Maybe not. Unless one is trying to build upper-body strength, it’s not necessary to do all that. Other projects aren’t as weighty, lol. But that project allowed the blogger to test herself and let other people observe. She wasn’t sure she could do all that, but she found out she still had a lot of strength left.

From Swimming 2 Weight Movement and Barbell Squats: The Transition

The transition from swimming to more extensive activities went well for our “newbie” fitness blogger. Those lap activities loosened everything and prepared her for the following gym sessions, where she used equipment such as:

  • Adductor machines
  • Leg press equipment
  • Back extension contraptions
  • Arm muscle weight machines
  • Rear deltoid and pectoral fly machines to verify and confirm full shoulder mobility in those directions

She added a considerable amount of weight to all the above machines and performed a generous number of repetitions. Full extended shoulder mobility and the ability to move the weight with them were confirmed.

Everything went well, and then she did this for the very first time:

Barbell Squats

woman barbell squats
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That was the first time she’d ever done those in her life, so she didn’t add weight to the bar. The barbell squats took a little bit of getting used to, but she did it just fine. Nothing burns today except her quadriceps, but that was from adding extra-extra weight to the leg press machine, not the barbell squats.

High protein and water consumption followed the activity, and all was good.

The blogger concluded that she is good to go. She’s still a petite female (125, 5’2″), not a hulk or massive weight lifter of any kind. But no physical limitations or joint pains seem to be present at this time.

Aging: No One Stays Gorgeous Forever

The aging process happens to everyone.

We all come into the world with high-pitched baby voices, extremely tight skin, bright eyes, etc. Then we transition over the years from cute little infants and kids to gawky teenagers to handsome young men or pretty women. Eventually, we reach our peaks and deteriorate from there, lol. It’s a fact of life. Hormones change, the hair greys and thins, the skin loosens, and yes, our voices go down a few octaves, whether we smoke or not.

young girl aging 20 years

I watched a video with a 51-year-old actress today and saw all the cruel comments about how she was “old” and “used to be a babe” and “her voice sounds like a man.” They even accused the poor woman of smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, boozing it up, or smoking crack. I thought to myself, “They are so ignorant.” There were more comments about her looks than the video’s main subject.

The funny thing was the actress didn’t even look bad. She sounded nothing like a man, but she did sound like a maturing woman. Actually, she was still attractive, and I mean that in the straightest way possible. I have seen actors and actresses in much worse condition at the same age. Some looked like they were 20 or 30 years older, to be honest. But what difference does that make? And why does it affect the video’s content so much?

The whole thing made me realize how superficial society is. People can miss the entire point of video because they’re so focused on the speaker’s looks.

This actress decided to age naturally instead of getting all the plastic surgery. I guess people aren’t used to seeing the natural aging process these days. Either that or they believe they will never age.

We will all get older unless we die beforehand. None of us will look (or sound) exactly the same at 51 as we did at 21. That’s why it’s important to have other positive attributes (intelligence, personality, etc.) and form relationships with people who have substance and depth. Outer beauty is only temporary, but inner beauty is eternal. Only certain people recognize, embrace, and appreciate inner beauty, though.

The aging process could be a blessing for some women because it will weed out “friends” and “potential mates” who are only interested in exterior matters. Shallow people will overlook them or say nasty things about their aging; serious people will get to know who they are.

*No, I’m not personally 51, but I will be one day if the Lord is willing. The woman in the picture is not the actress I saw either. The picture is that of a young model by an artist on Pixabay, adapted by me to reflect the aging process.*

10 Reasons Revenge Sucks: Why You Shouldn’t Take Vengeance

Most of us know that biblical teachings frown on vengeance. Those teachings urge people to allow a higher power to handle things instead of seeking revenge on other people. Not everyone believes in a higher power, though, so let’s pretend we’re all non-religious. These are some legitimate reasons not to focus your time and energy on “getting revenge” on other human beings:

1. You may not know all the facts.

The object of your revenge plot might not have done anything with malicious intentions. Thus, it’s not exactly fair to punish that person because you feel hurt or jolted. Furthermore, you might not have the whole story behind the action(s). You may only have someone else’s half-truths or manipulated nuggets of information. Those shouldn’t be enough to substantiate a revenge campaign.

2. It might backfire on you.

Revenge has a way of backfiring on people, especially if it’s not in their nature to be vengeful. Therefore, you might find that your attempts to ruin another person come back to bite you when you least expect it. Even if you are a “revenge expert,” you could find yourself answering for it at a later time.

3. Your revenge “punishment” might be unfair.

Emotions have a way of making revenge punishments unequal. That’s why it’s best to have a neutral party handle your disputes. Otherwise, you could implement a plan to ruin someone’s entire life—and end up ruining several innocent partys’ lives—over something that deserves much less as a penalty.

4. The other person might have already “paid” for the incident.

You can’t see what another person goes through. Thus, he or she may have already received “karma” or some universal punishment for whatever offense you believe you suffered. Anything more than that is just plain overkill, and it makes you look 100 percent evil and obsessive.

5. You give your energy to evil entities.

revenge orange and black snake on brown ground
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Self-implemented vengeance is wickedness, and you give your energy away to evil entities every time you engage in it. It doesn’t make you a stronger and more powerful person as you might think. It depletes your soul until there’s nothing left of the person you once were. In other words, it devours you.

6. That other person gets to rent space in your head.

You have to be highly focused on another person to think of elaborate plans to ruin his or her life. That’s a bona fide obsession, and it’s not good, bro.

7. You will never be satisfied.

Getting so-called revenge will not make you feel any better about the “offense,” and it won’t bring back anything you’ve lost. In fact, you’ll probably feel angrier and crappier if your revenge tactics don’t work, and the other person thrives anyway.

Then you might embark on another mission to ruin that person because you don’t feel “justified.” You might fail again because of the sheer wrongness of it all. Then you’ll be angrier and more determined to partake in even more wicked acts the next time. Please see: you give your energy away to evil entities.

8. You’ve done wrong too.

Every person on this planet has done wrong of some kind. You have no right to play judge and jury unless you are an actual judge or jury member at the time. Additionally, you could be wrong about everything you think you know.

9. It’s a horrible way to live.

Life has a lot to offer, and it’s sad to waste yours on vengeful pursuits. Maybe you should consider letting it go, forgiving the other person, and making the most of the life you have now.

10. There are healthier ways to thrive.

Being happy and not thinking twice about the person you feel has wronged you is a healthier and more passive way to “get revenge.” You might not get to rub anything in their face or see them suffer, but you will feel good about your own existence.

It takes much more strength to rebuild and not take revenge than it does to involve yourself in pettiness and wickedness. Consider taking the more respectable path the next time you think about punishing someone.

What 1 Shoulder Problem Do You Have?

This post contains 54 sec. video of the blog author on 6/4/22 rotating both shoulders and lifting her arms above her head. There were some rumors circulating about an alleged “slight injury” or shoulder issue. Where? I see no such issue. Do you?

Where is the shoulder problem?

All I see is a wee bit of flab that needs to be toned. I can’t find any shoulder problems. Below is a screenshot with the date, time, and location in which the original video was taken.

screenshot location of nonexistent shoulder problem

Timiarah Spriggs, Timiarah, Timiarah A. Spriggs, current location,