Impractical Jokers Show 2 Redeems Itself *Spoiler Alert*

The whole Impractical Jokers show dropped on my usual streaming service earlier than expected, so I said, “Meh, let me see how Sal and Q handle themselves.” Thus, I felt it necessary to follow up on the post I wrote last time.

watching impractical jokers

I think Murray did too much of an excellent job as a narcissist, and I didn’t like it. One must wonder about someone who can play a work narcissist so well.

He played the same type of person I had to deal with in the past, but for eight hours a day and with much worse behavior and no relief, like finding out I was on a prank show the whole time. So I’m a little sensitive in that area and very empathetic toward other people if I see them upset.

Anyway, Sal’s clip turned things around for me. We can always see that he’s completely uncomfortable being rude and mean to other people. In fact, he wasn’t even rude to the employee. All he did was put his shoes on the desk, which was hilarious. He didn’t do the rogue barefoot thing like Murray did last season, but it was still funny.

The employee took everything lightly and ruled that Sal got to keep his job. Maybe it was because Sal’s treatment wasn’t harsh, or perhaps he was an actor or someone who had never had a bad work experience. Who knows? Honestly, if I had dealt with Sal, I’d have laughed when he put his feet on the desk and when he started talking to himself.

Q was also uncomfortable with the task, as he never liked being rude to women. His first words were, “I’m so uncomfortable with what I have to do. It’s not in me.” He found the courage to tell her she was fired, but he kept it short because he didn’t want to drag out any abuse. He couldn’t keep a straight face or spit his sentence out well because he was uncomfortable, though.

The woman wasn’t sure whether it was real, so she did this nervous smile throughout the whole thing. Once she realized he fired her for no reason, she was pretty livid.

Q’s groveling wasn’t very good. I think Murray did a much better job at “making nice” with the victim to save his job, but then again, narcissists always do :-). It didn’t work, though, because most people don’t want to deal with that type of personality at work.

The woman chose to get rid of Q, so only Sal got a pass for his behavior.

What else happened on the Impractical Jokers show?

Q thought of a new bit they experimented with. Lol. Well, honestly, it seemed like something we would see happening on The Eric Andre Show, and it didn’t exactly work because of the gross-out factor. Only a certain type of viewer likes to see gross stuff like that, but it wasn’t a total loss. I chuckled as each Joker tried to convince other people they were right, and I laughed at some of the responses.

So my take on Impractical Jokers show now is that I’ll continue to check it out. They still seem to be finding their new dynamic. The old one worked so well for so long that things might take a while to take the new formation. They are brave for trying new things and not knowing how their hardcore fans will react.

It was good to see a little bit of their old personalities shine through. I don’t know what’s up with Murr, but I guess someone has to be naughtier than the rest. It makes sense as they’re trying to balance the dynamic, but it’s just different.

I am just an Impractical Jokers fan with an opinion. No more, no less.

Celebrities Can’t Really Hear Us, Honey.

“Please, don’t do that.”

This celebrity reaction video tickled me because the content creator earnestly pleaded with one of his favorite artists about his recent clothing and behavior choices. Celebrities can’t really hear us, but I appreciate anyone who tries to reach them.

The content creator was concerned about MGK’s decision to wear pearls and “Hillary Clinton” and “Betty White” attire, LOL! That’s what he called the clothes the artist chose to wear when he won—and then kissed and licked—his VMA award.

The video is from 2020, two years after Kelly allegedly “lost” a battle against Eminem.

The YouTuber said he was disappointed in the rapper and pleaded with him not to give up and to “stop licking metal objects.” He said he hoped someone would send his video to MGK so he would see it and “take heed to what he was saying.”

He was a fan who remembered the “wild boy” who used to hang with Waka Flocka and have a pretty wicked rap flow. The rapper’s drastic change was more than a simple genre swap or added music style. The dude literally switched from being a very masculine and skilled rapper (except for the potty mouth) to someone who drinks blood, wears old-lady pearls and pink one-pieces, and licks statuettes.

celebrities switching
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I skimmed through some of the songs on the old “Black Flag” album and some of his older stuff just to see if I could hear any outcries or backstory. Sometimes artists tell us about the industry in their music.

Sure enough, this one song called “Highline Ballroom Soundcheck” talked about how some label execs kept trying to do heinous things to him, things he didn’t believe in at the time. He said the industry turned him off because too many males from the labels were trying to stick it XXXXXXX, and he was quitting rap and going back to getting paid under the table. The ironic thing was that P. Diddy was the first to sign him. The poor boy probably had no idea what he was signing up for and how things would change for him over time.

Anyway, Bruh seemed so disappointed in him.

I get that, but these people are celebrities.

They live in a whole different world with an entirely different set of rules, missions, agendas, values, practices, etc. They can’t hear us unless we are a part of that world, and those who are a part of that world don’t see anything odd or different about the celebrities. Thus, they’ll never plead with them to change a dang thing.

Eminem and the “rap battle” most likely had nothing to do with MGK’s changes. MGK probably signed up for it, and it was time for him to pay the piper. Celebrities are beyond listening to us peasants. Some super-huge YT influencers may have access to celebrities, but they probably have no problem with their activities or behaviors.

*If you are the exception, and you have had deep, life-changing conversations with celebrities, good for you. Most of us don’t.*