Should I Be a Gig Worker To Make Money Now?

Gig work may be the answer to your moneymaking woes if you need cash now. In 2018, Forbes reported that 36 percent of American workers were part of the gig economy.

Gig worker numbers skyrocketed to 44 percent in 2021 and are expected to rise to over 60 percent by 2027. Should you be a part of the revolution? Maybe so.

What Is the Gig Economy? Should I Join Now?

Freelancers, contractors, self-employed workers, and hybrid workers are some of the most common names for workers in the gig economy. The terms describe people who use smartphone apps and computer connections to find one-off jobs.

Examples of top gig economy industries are ridesharing, food and package delivery, pet watching, moving and packaging, automotive repair, marketing, and lawnmowing. Highly skilled and professional workers can even find teaching jobs and positions in the legal realm because the opportunities are endless.

Does Gig Work Offer Benefits Now?

Yes, you can get benefits from gig work, not now, but right now. You can get discounts on insurance, free automotive repair services, smartphone discounts, and other helpful goodies from working gigs. You can also reap a variety of peace-of-mind benefits such as:

  • Opportunities in multiple industries
  • Independence
  • No-nonsense atmospheres
  • Meet new people daily
  • Set your own salary
  • You get to be the boss

Gig workers don’t have to request days off, call out sick, or get the life sucked out of them by common high-school workplace antics. They’re about their business and have no time for nonsense.

What Are the Most Common Gig Worker Struggles?

There are a few downsides to being a gig worker. First, gig workers often have to put wear and tear on something that belongs to them. That may be their vehicle, their computer, or their own behind if they have to sit in one place for too long.

Automotive repairs, equipment upkeep, and computer replacements can be costly, so it’s best to have a little cash saved up before you begin.

Secondly, tax paperwork can be brutal if you deal with various companies. However, you can get help with that from a knowledgeable tax expert or advisor near you.

The inability to receive unemployment compensation is one of the top struggles for straight gig workers. That’s why many people choose the hybrid workstyle and do some conventional work. Gig workers work as contractors for other companies, and as such, they view them as business partners. A business partnership can end at any time, and you’ll be up the creek if working with one company provides your main source of income.

Can I Be a Gig Worker and Make Cash Immediately?

You may have the stuff to join the gig economy if you are a disciplined, focused, and numbers-oriented type of person with a boss mentality. You can use all your skills from previous employment journeys to pave a successful path for yourself. You may even earn yourself some tips if you have existing customer service skills.

Some gigs have quick sign-up and approval processes, and others have a one-to-two-week waiting period. Any jobs that require a background check will take a little longer to start than the others. The good news is that you can receive daily or per-project payments once you get up and running. Check with the gig economy platforms about their payment schedules and methods prior to starting.

You might be the perfect candidate for the gig-economy work and not even know it. You can find out by leaping abruptly or easing your way into it with the hybrid workstyle. You never know. You may just find your passion.

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  1. This is a wonderfully informative article. Especially post-COVID, so many people have left their traditional jobs for gig jobs. This is a great, comprehensive article of the pros and cons of gig work. Thank you for the helpful information!

      1. I am leaving my traditional (safe) job at the end of the week. I will be freelancing and gig working, and I can’t wait for the freedom and independence this lifestyle will offer!

  2. Insightful. I have never even thought of the wide range of “gig work” (I didn’t even realize that jobs like ride sharing, food delivery, etc are all indeed gig work). The layout of pros and cons of gig work is really valuable information, especially now that remote work/working for yourself is becoming so popular. I definitely took notes from this one.

  3. I was thinking about this exact thing and had some doubts, thank you for the precise and intellectual approach. “Common Gig Worker Struggles” was really helpful for me and I can relate to the struggles you mentioned.

  4. This is really helpful information. This article is very informative. The layout of pros and cons of gig work is really valuable information.

  5. As a gig worker, sometimes I found it to be little hard to balance gig work with a traditional job. But the fact is that hardships pay off finally. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

    1. I think the workstyles and environments are so different that it could become difficult for some folks to do both. Eventually, one would take precedence over the other. Depends on the overall experience at the traditional job. It could get tough alternating between being a worthless incompetent peasant and being a well-respected and appreciated service provider daily.

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