“Bringing Down the House” (2003): The #1 Most Inappropriate Comedy Movie Ever

The comedy movie “Bringing Down the House” would probably catch a lot of heat it if came out these days. I’d even dare to say that some actors would be “canceled” by modern standards.

It displays just about every type of stereotypical, racist, and sexist jargon that isn’t okay. But somehow, it still manages to pull off humor. Old-school greats Steve Martin, Queen Latifah, Betty White (RIP), and Eugene Levy are hilarious in this movie, and not many people can watch it without laughing.

It’s a good comedy movie, plain and simple.

man watching good comedy movie

I think what makes it so funny is that it parodies real-life stuff. People do think and feel certain ways about other groups of human beings they don’t know, and they make wrongful assumptions about them all the time. For example, Steve Martin’s character thought Queen Latifah’s character used a ghostwriter to craft the eloquent letters she wrote to him.

He assumed she wasn’t intelligent enough to write because of how she looked and dressed. Once he got to know her, he realized she was a bright and kindhearted woman who had gotten herself mixed up with the wrong guy. It happens.

Betty White’s character thought the “Latin people” were up to no good, and Mrs. Arness felt it was appropriate to sing negro spirituals plantation jingles at someone’s dinner table.

Those weren’t the only off-color subjects in the movie, though. I mean, the entire thing was like—wow. But it wasn’t offensive because it was so truthful. It didn’t mock the people being stereotyped, in my opinion. Instead, it called out the ridiculousness of judging other human beings falsely and poked fun at some people’s refusal to change their views.

Those interested in viewing the classic comedy movie can find it on Prime Video and other such outlets.

Celebrities Can’t Really Hear Us, Honey.

“Please, don’t do that.”

This celebrity reaction video tickled me because the content creator earnestly pleaded with one of his favorite artists about his recent clothing and behavior choices. Celebrities can’t really hear us, but I appreciate anyone who tries to reach them.

The content creator was concerned about MGK’s decision to wear pearls and “Hillary Clinton” and “Betty White” attire, LOL! That’s what he called the clothes the artist chose to wear when he won—and then kissed and licked—his VMA award.

The video is from 2020, two years after Kelly allegedly “lost” a battle against Eminem.

The YouTuber said he was disappointed in the rapper and pleaded with him not to give up and to “stop licking metal objects.” He said he hoped someone would send his video to MGK so he would see it and “take heed to what he was saying.”

He was a fan who remembered the “wild boy” who used to hang with Waka Flocka and have a pretty wicked rap flow. The rapper’s drastic change was more than a simple genre swap or added music style. The dude literally switched from being a very masculine and skilled rapper (except for the potty mouth) to someone who drinks blood, wears old-lady pearls and pink one-pieces, and licks statuettes.

celebrities switching
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

I skimmed through some of the songs on the old “Black Flag” album and some of his older stuff just to see if I could hear any outcries or backstory. Sometimes artists tell us about the industry in their music.

Sure enough, this one song called “Highline Ballroom Soundcheck” talked about how some label execs kept trying to do heinous things to him, things he didn’t believe in at the time. He said the industry turned him off because too many males from the labels were trying to stick it XXXXXXX, and he was quitting rap and going back to getting paid under the table. The ironic thing was that P. Diddy was the first to sign him. The poor boy probably had no idea what he was signing up for and how things would change for him over time.

Anyway, Bruh seemed so disappointed in him.

I get that, but these people are celebrities.

They live in a whole different world with an entirely different set of rules, missions, agendas, values, practices, etc. They can’t hear us unless we are a part of that world, and those who are a part of that world don’t see anything odd or different about the celebrities. Thus, they’ll never plead with them to change a dang thing.

Eminem and the “rap battle” most likely had nothing to do with MGK’s changes. MGK probably signed up for it, and it was time for him to pay the piper. Celebrities are beyond listening to us peasants. Some super-huge YT influencers may have access to celebrities, but they probably have no problem with their activities or behaviors.

*If you are the exception, and you have had deep, life-changing conversations with celebrities, good for you. Most of us don’t.*

Do You Believe in Karma?

No, I don’t believe in karma, and I don’t believe that “the universe” is the entity that deals out judgments. I mentioned it in my previous post for those few blog readers who do not have a faith-based belief system.

I believe four types of “punishment” exist, and none of them is called karma. There’s the kind that legal entities assign to people when they break the laws of the land. That’s called a penalty, not karma.

Then, there’s the kind that humans inflict on each other during cruel and unnecessary acts of vengeance, as I wrote about in my last post. That’s called hatred, not karma.

masked hater dealing out karma
Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

There’s also a type of “punishment” that isn’t really punishment, but a correction, refinement process, or chastisement for a child of “God.” The last type is the actual judgment that will come to people on Judgment Day. That’s also not karma but a righteous necessity.

I also believe it’s entirely possible for children of “God” to do so much wickedness that they lose that thing they think they can never lose, and that’s why the dark ones try so hard to flip them and beat them into compliance. Misery loves company, and so do fallen angels.

But what I believe doesn’t matter. I’m done with it. I say if you believe something else—good for you. You continue to live the way you think is right, and I’ll continue to live the way I think is right. We’ll all make our choices based on what we believe and find out at the end.

10 Reasons Revenge Sucks: Why You Shouldn’t Take Vengeance

Most of us know that biblical teachings frown on vengeance. Those teachings urge people to allow a higher power to handle things instead of seeking revenge on other people. Not everyone believes in a higher power, though, so let’s pretend we’re all non-religious. These are some legitimate reasons not to focus your time and energy on “getting revenge” on other human beings:

1. You may not know all the facts.

The object of your revenge plot might not have done anything with malicious intentions. Thus, it’s not exactly fair to punish that person because you feel hurt or jolted. Furthermore, you might not have the whole story behind the action(s). You may only have someone else’s half-truths or manipulated nuggets of information. Those shouldn’t be enough to substantiate a revenge campaign.

2. It might backfire on you.

Revenge has a way of backfiring on people, especially if it’s not in their nature to be vengeful. Therefore, you might find that your attempts to ruin another person come back to bite you when you least expect it. Even if you are a “revenge expert,” you could find yourself answering for it at a later time.

3. Your revenge “punishment” might be unfair.

Emotions have a way of making revenge punishments unequal. That’s why it’s best to have a neutral party handle your disputes. Otherwise, you could implement a plan to ruin someone’s entire life—and end up ruining several innocent partys’ lives—over something that deserves much less as a penalty.

4. The other person might have already “paid” for the incident.

You can’t see what another person goes through. Thus, he or she may have already received “karma” or some universal punishment for whatever offense you believe you suffered. Anything more than that is just plain overkill, and it makes you look 100 percent evil and obsessive.

5. You give your energy to evil entities.

revenge orange and black snake on brown ground
Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com

Self-implemented vengeance is wickedness, and you give your energy away to evil entities every time you engage in it. It doesn’t make you a stronger and more powerful person as you might think. It depletes your soul until there’s nothing left of the person you once were. In other words, it devours you.

6. That other person gets to rent space in your head.

You have to be highly focused on another person to think of elaborate plans to ruin his or her life. That’s a bona fide obsession, and it’s not good, bro.

7. You will never be satisfied.

Getting so-called revenge will not make you feel any better about the “offense,” and it won’t bring back anything you’ve lost. In fact, you’ll probably feel angrier and crappier if your revenge tactics don’t work, and the other person thrives anyway.

Then you might embark on another mission to ruin that person because you don’t feel “justified.” You might fail again because of the sheer wrongness of it all. Then you’ll be angrier and more determined to partake in even more wicked acts the next time. Please see: you give your energy away to evil entities.

8. You’ve done wrong too.

Every person on this planet has done wrong of some kind. You have no right to play judge and jury unless you are an actual judge or jury member at the time. Additionally, you could be wrong about everything you think you know.

9. It’s a horrible way to live.

Life has a lot to offer, and it’s sad to waste yours on vengeful pursuits. Maybe you should consider letting it go, forgiving the other person, and making the most of the life you have now.

10. There are healthier ways to thrive.

Being happy and not thinking twice about the person you feel has wronged you is a healthier and more passive way to “get revenge.” You might not get to rub anything in their face or see them suffer, but you will feel good about your own existence.

It takes much more strength to rebuild and not take revenge than it does to involve yourself in pettiness and wickedness. Consider taking the more respectable path the next time you think about punishing someone.

What 1 Shoulder Problem Do You Have?

This post contains 54 sec. video of the blog author on 6/4/22 rotating both shoulders and lifting her arms above her head. There were some rumors circulating about an alleged “slight injury” or shoulder issue. Where? I see no such issue. Do you?

Where is the shoulder problem?

All I see is a wee bit of flab that needs to be toned. I can’t find any shoulder problems. Below is a screenshot with the date, time, and location in which the original video was taken.

screenshot location of nonexistent shoulder problem

Timiarah Spriggs, Timiarah, Timiarah A. Spriggs, current location,

Why Swimming Is the 1 Perfect Bridge Exercise

Swimming is an excellent way to break back into working out when you need to get your behind in shape quickly. Behind = your entire body, not just your backside.

It’s always hard to get back to the gym when you don’t exercise for a few months. Even if you motivate yourself enough to make it there, you’ll have to deal with those first few painful post-workout days (up to 72 hours).

The area of pain depends on which muscle set(s) you choose to work. Thus, you can get a sore bum, ouchy arms, or excruciating thigh muscles that hinder your daily activities while you heal and strengthen.

Swimming is an effective choice for kick-starting your exercise routine because it gives you a cardio workout and wakes up your muscles without shocking them. If you do regular swimming movements, you’ll work all these muscles at once without overstressing any of them:

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Abs
  • Booty
  • Obliques
  • Hips
  • Legs

Swimming is also just as effective for cardio as running or jogging. Your lungs expand; your heart rate rises; you get hungry as crap, which means you burn calories. And let’s not forget all the feel-good chemicals that generate during a vigorous workout.

You’ll feel fantastic during the session, and then you’ll stuff your face and take a nap. But you won’t feel like crap when you wake up, and you most likely won’t have any pain.

Our “newbie” fitness blogger took a swim the other day to get back into exercising. It was quite pleasant, and only her glutes hurt the next day, but not too much. Thus, she concluded that her booty was the only thing severely out of shape. Everything else worked and responded well to the exercise.

You can use swimming to transition from a sedentary lifestyle into regular fitness center workouts and then something more. It’s the perfect bridge exercise for that reason, but it can also stand alone.

Photo by Og Mpango on Pexels.com

Who shouldn’t go swimming?

  • Sick persons
  • People with major wounds
  • Those with current neck, shoulder, or knee injuries
  • Certain (not all) heart disease patients
  • Unattended little ones

How long should you swim when you first start?

Some experts say 15 minutes is reasonable for beginning sessions, while others say 30. It depends on your health and how your body responds to the session. If you feel like you can go for an hour, do it. If your body tells you to stop after 15 minutes, don’t push it.

I have asthma. Can I swim?

Yes, you can swim if you have asthma, especially if your attacks are allergy-and-illness-induced. Simply avoid the allergens or take a non-drowsy antihistamine. Exercise-induced asthmatics can still swim, but they may want to use their inhalers beforehand and keep them by the pool in case of an emergency.

Quick Tips for Swimming

  • Shower from head to toe before and after swimming.
  • Wear comfortable swimwear.
  • Eat a protein-rich meal no later than 90 minutes before swimming.
  • Pack on the calories if you don’t intend to lose weight.
  • Take little breaks in between laps. Thirty seconds is the recommended breaking period, but you can adjust it according to your needs.
  • Don’t try to be in the Olympics your first time.
  • Drink a lot of water before and after swimming.
  • Warm-up before you get into heavy movements.
  • Eat a protein-rich meal after swimming to help your muscles recover.
  • Buddy up with one other person if possible.

Disclaimer: This blog writer does not have any knowledge, education, skills, talents, or experience in any subject matter whatsoever. She just talks out of her behind and makes up stuff. All of her posts are based on opinion and imagination. Please consult with a professional—or hell, anyone but her—to get the “real story” on any information you read here.